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How to Track Your Time as a Freelancer Using Either the Timecard Apps or the EVV

In the US about 30 million small businesses were found to be operating in 2018. It’s very important for the home business people to find a time management app that will help them to keep track of their time. In case you are also a home entrepreneur you must have realized that time runs very fast and it’s like you don’t recognize it. The Freelancer, bloggers, and coaches are some of the professionals that need this time tracking method. There might raise a legal issue by the end of 2020 if the situation remains the same for this home working professionals. With Free timecards apps and EVV standards being the options that you have for time tracking method then you will not be sure which will be the best for you. In this page you will know which tracking app is the right for your time tracking strategy.

For you to know which time tracker option is the best for your lifestyle you have to consider what your industry expectation is. This is because the standards followed when you are running healthcare is different with when you are operating a small home business. Some businesses like marketing, freelancing, and blogging don’t have specific standards to follow hence they can use either the timecard apps or the EVV since it depends with an individual. However, for those having a health care business can only use the EVV method to track their time.

EVV which is an abbreviation for Electronic Visit Verification method indicates when the service providers start their work and when they stop. The EVV will also capture where the health care Is when checking in The importance of this EVV technology is to help the healthcare industry to keep track of the daily activities and avoid the huge loss of dollars in unknown ways. For the digital time and visit records as well as simple billing methods and payroll you can use the Electronic Visit Verification.

Below are some of the timecard apps that you can use for your time tacking.

If you are looking for an easy to use timecard app that will calculate both your expenses and income this is your option.

The second time tracker is the free time and is important for the bosses that want their freelancers to plan their working time.

The Toggl is also a free app that will assist in learning how to start and run a business. It’s user-friendly, quick and free to use.

With the TimeWerks Pro Billing, you will be able to alter your projects and make employees profile.

In case you need to have a comprehensive report go for the Hours app and for cloud accounting choose the FreshBooks time tracker.