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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Regardless of whether you like or hate the winter season, one thing is for sure, your roof does not. Keep in mind you roof has had to cope with unforgiving weather elements in the previous months, thus the freezing temperatures simply add salt to injury. It’s therefore necessary to learn of ways that will safeguard your roof. Discussed below are insights into this matter. Checking for ice dams is crucial. This is a term that refers to the accumulation of ice and water under your roof shingles. Ice dams are the result of warm water freezing while on the roof. Ice dams cause water to accumulate, forcing the stagnant water penetrate through cracks, and the end result is a compromise on the structure of your roof. Habitually keeping an eye on this will definitely keep your roof safe from damage. A major cause of ice dams is insufficient ventilation, making it important to seal all leaks that may be present, as well as set up an attic ventilation system. Consult firms that offer competent roof repair Atlanta GA offers in order to get a good result.
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Checking for icicles is necessary too. These are formed in similar fashion to ice dams. Melting takes place when roof is warm, and re-freezing due to temperatures plummeting happens as water trickles from the roof. The icicles formed become a risk hazard to your loved ones, including pets, not to mention roof structure takes a beating as well. Sweeping of your roof frequently is important, and gutters need to remain clean since the easy flow of precipitation will help prevent icicles formation.
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Keep condensation at bay. You can be sure that condensation is taking place should you notice that your attic walls have water droplets. You might choose to disregard this, but it could spell the start of mold growth, as well as major leaks. Installing a ventilation or vapor retarder system will prevent condensation caused by interaction of cold and warm air. Having cracks sealed, and any ice/water removed would be a step in the right direction. Waterproofing would be a good idea as it acts as protection. A couple of roof areas are bound to reap some benefits. You are advised to have your roof shingles waterproofed. A roller can be used to spread the waterproofing compounds on the shingles. It would also be a good idea to waterproof the under section of the shingles, though this will need the help of a reliable roof repair company in Atlanta GA. Keeping winter roof problems at bay shouldn’t be an arduous task. The above discussed are recommendations to help you realize this. Obey them and you will surely keep your roof safeguarded.