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Dream Living: Landscape Installation For a entertaining and relaxing view, try to invest to landscaping. Whether your family wants to focus on your front yard, backyard or entire piece of land, there are many interesting things to consider. You may want to a landscape design at your backyard so you can enjoy a beautiful view with your friends and family that include a pool, kitchen and a fire feature for picnics and other special occasions. In your front yard you could amp up curb appeal with a beautiful walkway or you could tear up your lawn in favor for an eco-friendly garden. So you can be guided on the things about landscaping, please read the information below. The modern design garden should have modern plants to make it biold and beautiful. Try Yucca, which is a sword like foliage that creates a living sculpture. Alocasia macrorrhiza provides a perfect foil for the spare straight lines of modernist architecture and it offers a tropical, exotic look with a dramatic in mass plantings, but the simplicity of one elephant’s ear makes it a bold statement. The organic geometry of succulents such as aeonium is the best pick for home in contemporary settings. In order to create a more relaxing outdoor retreat, designers incorporate fire to their landscapes. Design your fire pit or fireplace with these furnishings for a cozy and warm view. Fire elements are placed on landscapes and a fire pit should not be built downslope and nothing flammable should come close to overhanging areas especially with gas-fueled designs.
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For small garden ideas, you may want to include built-in seating in a corner to keep your garden from feeling crowded. Diving the small garden into even small ones creates a paradoxical effect on it making it seem larger as normal. To maximize your small yard’s space, you can create mini views within the garden itself and usage of different plants as framework. You can create outdoor rooms when you divide the garden which gives the effect of your home’s interior expansion making everything larger. Keep the furniture and plantings along the perimeter of the garden to allow for mingling in the center of the space if planning to entertain groups of friends or families. Do not go color crazy with a small garden and keep in mind to stick to monochromatic once so you’ll not end up with a garden close and confined. So you can use your yard at night, do not forget lighting.
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If you are looking for a kitchen outside your home, with a grill in an ample counter space and a deep sink, consult a professional landscape artist to design the one best for you.