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Is There a Potential to File Claims against Someone Who Hurt Your Feelings

Even though emotional distress is not a physical, it can be recorded as a bodily injury. This is a severe mental trauma which one can have an experience on. The cause of emotional distress is the experiences which one will have on getting exposed to terrible acts. There will be need to enroll on counseling sessions with a psychologist as mental distress has no direct cure. Anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia and depression are some of the symptoms of emotional distress. So as to file a substantial lawsuit against someone who will have made you have mental trauma either through his/her actions or subject you to an environment that could have caused that , you will have to seek help from a lawyer. There is a chance that you will have to sue that individual who hurt your feelings therefore causing you emotional distress. The way forward to file a lawsuit against an individual who will have caused you mental suffering have been noted here on this article.

Either of the two possible claims for emotional distress will have to be opted for. The negligent infliction emotional distress (NIED) is one of the types of mental torture claims that will depict your scenario. In case the actions were not planned but occurred without the consent of the defendant, you will need to file this type of claim. This in other words will mean that the defendant didn’t mean to torture your feelings. One of the cases where the NIED lawsuit will work best is reporting of harassment case to your manager who will neglect taking action.

Another option of lawsuit which you could file is the Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED). The IIED claims will only be filed when you will have proof to show that the severe actions which caused mental trauma were deliberately done by the defendant. In court, you will need to document and make explanations which will be relevant and show that the perpetrator is guilty and that the actions were torturing and are the ones that resulted to mental trauma. It will be essential to establish categorize the scenario correctly with the help of a lawyer so as to have a stronger case. For instance, if you were forced to witness an shocking act of violence like killings, you will have a strong IIED case.

To have success in your case, you will be required to build a stronger case by having enough proof on the actions of the offender. The place where you will have filed your case will have different necessities for filing hence the reason for this. Since such a case is sensitive, you will have to file it immediately after the psychological torture so as to have a weighty case.

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