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Wildlife to Expect to See When in the Rocky Mountains

There are a lot of visitors that come in the Rocky Mountains every year. It is important to know that people are attracted by a lot of things including the snowcapped Rockies rising beyond the cloud line. In addition to that, it is important to know that this area is filled with wonderful wildlife that makes the entire trip to this place thrilling and worth to remember. Below are some of the animals that you are going to find when you visit the Rocky Mountains.

One of the animal you will find here is the Canadian Lynx. The creature is much like the home cat but it is bigger in size. The animal can be identified by its long and pointy ears that help it to listen to its prey. To survive in the snow, the Canadian Lynx is covered with thick fur. With its long legs, it is able to walk around the snow with ease.

Another animal you are going to find in this area is the wolverine. The Wolverine is a hard animal to find but there several in this forested area. It is usually a fearless animal that will spend most of its time on a high elevation in search of food. The wolverine is identified by its muscular stock body, round eyes, light-colored facemask, and short legs. A judge in 2014 struck a law that the wolverine is one of the endangered species that risks extinction hence need for conservation.

In the Rocky Mountains, one will also come across the American Bison. This has come to be recognized as the largest North American mammal. The animal have bumped shoulders and short curved horns on the fur insulated body. Dominant males defend the females against other males. The American bison also known as the buffalo is an herbivore which eats shrubs and grass. The bison is prominent such that President Obama declared it a national mammal.

Another amazing animal found in the Rocky Mountains is the cougars. They are also known as the mountain lions, Pumas and even others call them panthers. The creatures are found all around the forest waiting to pounce on a meal. Even with their cuddy, less dangerous look, it is important to know that cougars can prey on anything including human beings.

To add on your list of the majestic animals in the Rocky Mountains is the Bighorn Sheep. Just as the name suggests, the creatures can be recognized by their long horn and light to dark brown coat. The sheep are herbivorous and are found in a herd of 5 to 15 animals.