Effective Techniques You Can Apply To Motivate Employees To Track Time.

Tracking time is crucial for any company and mostly for those in charge of a business. This tool allows managers and owners to keep track of the amount of time a project takes to completion. Tracking allows for more specific numbers that can be analyzed later and these managers to make effective changes to improve productivity. Different methods can be applied to appeal to employees to track time as explained below. One of the things that you can do is to try and convince employees to value tracked time is by explaining the connection between this task and their billable hours. Mostly employees care about the amount of money they are paid for their services than other things in the company. Employees will be happy to learn that there is a way you can improve the billable hours. You need to highlight how time can track progress and help employees remain focused on finishing the project. This will help managers get optimal productivity and also can be used to the employee’s advantage. The employees should know that having progress logged effectively can be used as a proof of value which means employees can use their progress sheets to prove that they deserve a promotion. Using this tool will help the reluctant workers be more productive at the workplace and use time tracking to show their progress that will earn them promotion.

Explain to your employees that you are not using tracked time to micromanage your team. For this tool to be effective the employees should know that the purpose of the tool is to scrutinize their progress. Employees should know that the importance of introducing this program is to highlight the efficiency of employees. You need to demonstrate to the employees how easy it is to use this program. You should do a presentation to show your employees that they can download the app and start tracking time which is easy to do. Employees should know there are different ways they can apply to track time and encourage them to start tracking time immediately. You need to inform the employees when time-sheets are due as a way of encouraging them to track time. This will motivate employees to turn up and fill the sheets, and those that are not interested may follow the rest. When the time-sheets are filled at an expected time people will move with the crowd including those may be resisting to do so. You can use this effect to your advantage since a lot of people cannot resist it.

You need to create a job that helps you monitor tracked tome and enforce the concept. This will give the employees someone to talk to if they are having issues adapting to this tool. Appreciate employees those that use tracked time effectively by rewarding them after a month or weekly.