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The Defense Tips All Women Should Know About

One constant attack happening all over the world is an attack against women. You need to know self-defense techniques so that you can protect yourself on your day to day operations. There exist many ways in which women can protect themselves today. The defense tips all women should know about are discussed in this article.

One defense tip women should know is preparing to escape. You should always be prepared to escape. You should park a set of clothes that are suitable for getting away with if the need arise if you are to leave the office late. The clothing items you can pack are pants and t-shirts that you can efficiently run in. It is important to pack a pair of running sneakers that you can easily run in. To plan a perfect escape plan, you need to ensure you have all the items mentioned above.

Keeping yourself busy is the next defense tip women should know. You should ensure you stay in well-populated areas or lit. If you have the choice of taking between a well-lit area and a shortcut, go for the well-lit area. Attackers tend to attack women who are travelling in isolated areas. Take wide turns around corners so that you remove the aspect of a surprise attack.

The third defense tip is to carry a weapon of your choice. You should make sure you carry a weapon of your choice. If you are not comfortable with owning a gun, there are still several options that you have. One good example is a stun gun. Stun guns are not actual guns, but they can help people especially women to protect themselves. Items such as pepper spray and whistles can also be carried. You should make sure you know how to use your weapon.

The fourth defense tip is being aware of your surroundings. You should be aware of your surroundings. You should walk with a good posture and know what’s around you to keep yourself from seeming an easy target. If you are aware of any suspicious person around you, you will be able to have your weapon ready. You should not wear headphones as you will not be able to know when you’re being attacked from behind.

Using strong verbal and physical language is the other defense tip. Confidence is key, and you should ensure you use it against your attacker. You should use strong verbal and physical language when you are being attacked or when suspicious of an attacked.

To conclude, the defense tips discussed above can help women defend themselves when attacked.