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3 Must-Know Tips for Choosing Solar Panel Contractors Global warming is a very real problem, and people are to blame. As industrialization has flourished, so has the environment taken a heavy toll. That’s why it’s important for all of us to do our part in order to restore what was lost and to make our world healthy and green again. If you’re wondering how you can make a change in your home, consider installing solar panels. This can significantly reduce your energy consumption and create a positive impact on the environment. The best way to make sure your solar panels generate maximum power is by hiring professional solar contractors to install them in your home. If you’re planning on hiring some pros, be sure to get the right guys by taking note of these three tips. 1. Look for Recommendations and Reviews – How can you be sure that a solar contractor was able to provide good services in the past? Flowery words and promises are easy to say, but those things are a lot harder to prove. Be sure to ask for recommendations from past clients to get a better idea of the kind of service the contractor provides. Find out who they have serviced before and what those people think of the service they got. You can also find online reviews about solar contractors to help you understand what most of their clients have to say about their services. 2. Ask for Financing Options – In 2012, the cost for installing solar panels in residential properties reached a whopping 20,000 USD which isn’t really something many people are able to afford. That’s why solar contractors have developed numerous financing options that help to make the entire service and installation easier on the pocket. be sure that your budget fits the project by asking about solar contractor financing options. as with any other purchase, you should know that a longer term will result to higher interest rates. To help reduce the long term cost, go for a loan that maximizes your budget for as short a time as possible.
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3. Go for the One Who Offers Warranty – Solar panels aren’t necessarily susceptible to damage, but that doesn’t mean they’re never going to get damaged anyway. You can save up on any potential repairs by choosing a solar contractor that covers the service with a warranty. If you suspect that the issue with your solar panel is a result of installation pitfalls, a workman’s warranty will allow you to avail of repairs at no extra cost.How to Achieve Maximum Success with Options