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Extravagant Celebrity Party Ever

Most of the celebrities that live in Hollywood knows how to party. In case you want to have a party, then you should do it your favorite celebrity style. In case you want to know the most extravagant parties of all time, then you need to read more from this post from Photo Booth Bee.

In case you want to know the most extravagant celebrity party, then you should consider that organized by Kylie Jenner during her eighteenth birthday. When you are a citizen of America, the age of eighteen will be the day you will become an adult. Some of the rights you will enjoy include voting, joining the military, buying cigarettes and even appear in adult films. There is much freedom awaiting one who attains the age of eighteen years. Buying or drinking alcohol is though not allowed at the age of eighteen years. Therefore, the young star decided that her birthday party will be held at Quebec.

It was in 2015 when the reality star enjoyed her birthday party at Beachclub Montreal. The Beachclub Montreal is one of the best outdoor clubs you will find in North America. The club has VIP sections as well as cozy cabanas and beautiful poos. Nicolas Jebran was the designer of the Swarovski crystal dress that Kylie wore on her big day. When buying the dress, she spent ten thousand dollars.

Though, it is not comfortable to wear a dress made of crystals. When Kylie realized that is was hard to cope up with the crystal dress, she opted to wear a black sequined sleeveless dress. The cake that was eaten at the party was worth three thousand dollars, and there was plenty of booze. Fetty Wap and Post Malone were the artists that were performing at the party. Kylie spend twenty-five thousand to hire the artists. Building a deck at the party so that Kylie doesn’t have to step on the sand cost fifteen hundred dollars. Since there were many people at the party, there was a need to build private bathrooms that cost four thousand dollars. To man the party, there were a hundred bodyguards that were hired.

Kris Jenner, the mother to Kylie, gave her a present worth fifteen thousand dollars, a Hermes Birkin bag. The boyfriend to Kylie, Tyga, upstaged r mom. To show gratitude to the girlfriend, a brand new Ferrari was the gift presented to Kylie on her eighteenth birthday. To buy the car then, you would need to spend Three hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Due to this much spending, people thought that the budget could empty the young stay pockets. After the party, she was paid two hundred thousand dollars by promoters of the Beachclub.