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How to Choose a Good Coffee Vending Machine There are two major reasons people want a coffee vending machine which are: to make a profit from selling hot drinks and coffee or to provide good coffee and hot drinks in a cost effective manner to their staff, visitors, students, and customers. One of the factors to consider when selecting a vending machine is the ability to produce great tasting coffee since over the last couple of years consumers have come to expect real coffee. Most people want to see the coffee beans being ground that shows that the customer is getting real coffee that has an awesome taste. A known fact is that fresh coffee will keep clients coming back and even if the person is free vending the staff and the visitors will appreciate the taste of the coffee that is an indicator that the company values them. People prefer to have a variety of hot drinks to select from and having such a wide variety of drinks the customer can choose between cappuccino, espresso, flat white or black, or latte and if the machine can offer a hot chocolate drink and boiling water to make tea, then they are covered. A known fact is that the vending machine also needs to serve the drinks quick enough to meet a high demand at ease. Although it takes some seconds to grind and brew coffee, the vending machine should not take more than half a minute for each cup thus the person needs to choose a vending machine that can serve, between 30 to 200 cups per hour depending on the needs.
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It is good to highlight that the coffee machine needs to be cost effective thus the person needs to choose a machine that serves real bean coffee or gourmet that is not very expensive. The vending machine has to be automated to use by having only three steps to get coffee that include: placing a cup under the drink spout, pressing a button to select the preferred drink then serving. This frees the employees to prepare food or take payments as the vending machine makes the coffee and it makes the aspect of self-service a good option for clients such that they do not need any help from the staff.
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Coffee machines can have complex cleaning procedures and long startup times while the heating of milk has cost implications for staff time and causes downtime when they are serving drinks. In that case it is best to choose a vending machine that requests a daily top up of coffee, milk, and chocolate then needs a simple cleaning procedure.