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Helping Your Loved One Who Is an Addict

It is very difficult to witness your loved one going through addiction. It is a very difficult situation because you see your loved one spiraling and the feelings of helplessness you get from not knowing what you do can be crippling. There are some of us who think it is their flaw their friends and family are experiencing what they are experiencing; however this isn’t valid. This is why you should know how to help your loved one who suffers from addiction no matter the cost. The first thing you should do is read up on the type of addiction your loved one suffers from. It is essential to realize everything you can about it so that you are better prepared to deal with the circumstance they are in since there are numerous kinds of addiction. The cost of helping your loved one is high as you should try to maintain your boundaries. When trying to help your loved one, be very careful to ensure they are not manipulating you. Control is their method for getting what they need. Boundaries will ensure that they recognize you won’t fall for it.

Remember to care for yourself. Don’t put everything into helping your loved one at the cost of your sanity. You should deal with yourself before you consider dealing with someone else. There are almost always some mental illnesses like depression that are associated with addiction. You must see whether they are experiencing one of them. The condition could be what is causing the addiction and getting rid of it could mean being addiction free for your loved one. Persuade them to go for therapy if this is the situation and they may show signs of improvement whatever the cost. Avoid shaming them because this has the opposite effect of what it was intended to do. This is contrary to the popular belief that shaming an addict will cause them to change their ways. If your point is getting them to change, utilize positive things to accomplish that.

Encouragement is also a positive thing that could make them decide to change. The encouragement can be done through words and also rewards. The rewards could be for short term changes and long term changes. Communication is key to ensuring that your loved one does not feel like they are all alone in the world. Loneliness and isolation have been identified as one of the biggest problems that addicts face while in their addiction. Giving them all the affection and consideration on the planet will go far in accelerating their recuperation. Checking them into rehab is another option you have and is probably the best one. The rehabilitation focuses have all the fundamental things and experts that will enable your loved one to recoup to their old self. Things like the cost of rehab shouldn’t deter you from trying to help your friend.

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