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Knowing the Job Coverage of Roofing Contractors Roofing contractors may have the same purpose but differences come when they serve either for commercial or residential purpose. It is advisable that before you hire the roofing contractor, you should have identified your project to be either commercial or residential. This is because costs would defer between a commercial and residential project, from the design and structural elements to the labor and materials that will be used. Know that the structural needs of a commercial roof are not the same in a residential roof. A commercial roof is much larger, like the size of the roof of a commercial building, compared to the size of the roof of a house. The load requirements, fixtures and materials that will be used for commercial and residential roofs would very much vary. An example is that the load-bearing capacity of a commercial roof is larger compared to the residential roof because of the materials that will be used in the construction. And since commercial roofing is a bigger job, the crew it needs would be much larger than the need of a residential roof. As far as the function of the roof is concern, commercial roofing has more protrusions compared with the residential roofs. Residential roof only needs a few protrusions for chimney, ventilation system and skylights, while a commercial roofing need more protrusions for more ventilation systems, smoke stacks, pipes, roof entrances and other mechanical needs. Constructions of both commercial and residential roofing can also be specialized depending on the function of the building and desire of the owner. For commercial building, if it would accommodate heavy machinery for example, then this function will require its roofing materials to withstand heat discharge of the machineries. The function of the residential roofing on the other hand will depend on the personal preferences of the owners, from appearance, to the durability and maintenance of the roofing materials chosen. Know that the scope of commercial roofing projects would need a more specialized knowledge and skills compared to residential roofers. Basically, commercial roofers have to know the function of the commercial building, and the residential roofer has to know the needs of the residents. Undeniably, both types of roofing projects have to be constructed in order to take the climate and elements of the location, but then, residential types tend to be having beauty in mind in the construction while the functionality of the construction is the first goal in a commercial roofing project.
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A commercial roofing project needs skilled labourers because of the difficulty of the job, and because of this, the cost of the project is also higher than that of a residential project. The size of a commercial project also would require more number of crews compared to a residential crew thus the cost comparison is also shown here.The Path To Finding Better Businesses