Saving Money on Every Front While Doing Your Annual Spring Shopping

Finally! The cold winter months are starting to fade, and the fresh warm days of spring are right in front of us. That means longer days, hiking, picnics and barbeques, and one of our personal favorite, spring shopping! Finding deals on the newest fashions, hitting the mall, browsing online for hours. We just love spring shopping. This year, in order to get everything you really need without blowing out your bank account, try some of these money saving tips and tricks we use every year.

Start With the Deals

In addition to the big Spring Sales many retailers like Charlotte Russe have every year, there are countless other savings available online if you know where to search. is a great place to start regardless what you are trying to buy. They offer huge discounts for top brands based on the idea that more people will end up shopping those sites. It’s a brilliant model and an amazing way to save money on everything from new shoes, jewelry, technology… basically everything.

Don’t Shy Away from Second Hand

Just because something is slightly used or “secondhand” doesn’t mean it’s tainted or not worth it. For a lot of things, it’s way easier to buy second hand and a fraction of the price. Check your local online classifieds if you are worried about shipping. Otherwise, sites like eBay and Amazon have thousands of items just waiting to be picked up at bargain prices. If you  buy something online, be sure to read the seller’s profile and reviews to avoid any scams or rip offs.

Find Rewards Programs

When you are doing your shopping, look for places that you can buy a lot of what you need in the same establishment and see what kinds of rewards programs they offer. For big ticket items, you can usually find somewhere that offers free financing for members, or a certain amount off the ticket if you pay full upfront. Look around and see what you find. The rewards offered from bigger companies can really add up!