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5 Things To Remember When Doing Bathroom Remodeling After long months of thinking and planning, you’ve finally come to a point to remodel your bathroom. This is actually good decision but the thing is, you don’t know where you should start and what must be your priorities? In relation to this matter, here are few tips that you must be mindful about to be sure that you will have exceptional results for the remodeling project. Number 1. Opt for space – there are many bathrooms that could make you feel cramped mainly because of its small space. Sometimes, you have to work with the space available. Say for instance that your space is small, then it is going to be ideal to just focus more on implementing space saving designs that make the area feel airy and light. Go for having enough counter space, which is often more preferable than having a double sink in shared bathrooms. In bigger bathrooms on the other hand, you may want to put up a privacy wall to hide toilet area. Number 2. Storage space – allowing proper storage space in the freshly remodeled bathroom is important. Make sure to also incorporate a space for toiletries and towels in your design and a medicine cabinet as well for first aids.
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Number 3. Ventilation and lighting – shadowy spots in bathroom are basically the last thing that you want. If it isn’t installed, be sure that there is an overhead and vanity lighting around the mirror areas and medicine cabinet. Having proper ventilation and even fans partnered with proper lighting is crucial in reducing the growth of mildew and mold.
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Number 4. Choose proper materials – in comparison to passing fads that’ll look dated after few years, it is better to go for classic colors and materials. The better choices would be quartz, granite and porcelain especially for sinks, countertops and tiles while colors like light earth tones, whites and pastels are deemed to be the favorites. As you are shopping for products, one very popular method is buying them online. But to be really sure that you are only getting the size and color you exactly want, it’s recommended that you just pick them up in person. Number 5. Indulge yourself a bit – choose at least one item that you always dreamed of to have for your bathroom and then add it to the list. There is no better time of doing this while you are in the remodeling process. One thing that you must not forget is to hire professionals as they’re the ones who can provide you advise on which direction to take.