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A Guide to Drain Cleaning In our everyday activities at home we need clean water and effective draining of waste. There is a need for proper drainage of waste water so that our homes and buildings will be kept healthy and safe. Our drains sometimes experience being blocked for various reasons. If you need to clean your drain it takes the services of a skilled plumber to do it for us. With a skilled plumber we can be sure that waste is properly drained from the home or building which results in a clean environment. Blocked drains in our home or buildings must be cleared and cleaned. It is important to clean drains in our homes or buildings especially when they become blocked. There are many reasons why drains get blocked. There may be objects that are too big to pass through the drains that are flushed down the toilet. A blockage can also be caused by hairs washed down the sink and accumulates in the pipes. When grease and fatty substances get stuck on the sides of the drainage, it can cause a blockage.
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Due to the accumulation of the substances in the pipes, the drainage gets blocked. Blockage can also be caused by unswept leaves that make their way into the drainage. Even tree roots can cause blocked drains because they are attracted to moisture. Sometimes tree roots are able to crack the pipes just to get the water in it and so their presence in the pipes cause it to be blocked.
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To carry out drain cleaning, plumbers use hydrojetter. To remove the dirt that blocks the drains, the hydojetter releases water under very high pressure. The blocked area in the drain is reached by the hydrojetter by lowering in down the drain and pushing it until it reaches the area where there is blockage. Pressurized water breaks down the blockage into small particles. The hydrojetter also has nozzles on the sides which produces a spray that will get rid of particles that are stuck onto the sides of the pipes. When water pushes the blockage down the drain, waste can then freely flow without any obstacle. A drain snake or a drain auger can also be used in cleaning drainage, and it is a long flexible cord made up of wires which is pushed down the drain to the area where there is a blockage. It this method the wires are turned by a motor and this helps to break down the objects causing the obstruction into small particles. Then these tiny pieces are pushed down to get rid of the blockage and allow water to freely flow down the pipe. The objects blocking the drain can also be pulled out by the plumber using the drain snake or drain auger. The blockage can also be removed by using a drain snake that has no motor, and the method used is manual turning until the objects are caught, trapped, and brought out of the drain.