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Important Facts about Video Production A video, is basically recognized as one of the most well-known and widely used product of modernization, and it is basically defined as an electronic medium that the people can use for various reasons, such as for display, broadcasting, playback, copying and recording the visual medias that are moving or in motion, and its systems may vary on its refresh rate and display resolution. The different characteristics of video streams includes its frame rate, which consists of the number of still pictures per unit of the video’s time; its aspect ratio, which basically describes the various dimension of video picture elements and video screens; color model name which basically describes the video color representation; its quality, which can be measured with formal type of metrics, such as with subjective video quality or PSNR; video compression, with the use of GOP or groups of picture to reduce temporal and spatial redundancy; stereoscopic, which can be made through different methods such as one channel with two overlaid color-coded layers, one channel with alternating left and right frames, and two channels; and the interlaced and progressive videos. There are basically two primary recording formats for videos, and those two are the analog video, which is described as a video signal that can be transferred or transmitted via an analog signal, that may contain the chrominance, brightness and luminance of an analog television image; and the other one is the digital video, in which the signal formats have been adopted with higher quality, and that includes DVI or digital visual interface, displayport interface, HDMI or high-definition multimedia interface, and SDI or serial digital interface. The process of creating, producing or making video products by capturing images in motion which is called as videography, and this process is called as video production, and that also includes the process of creating or producing combinations and reductions of the video parts, which is also known as video editing, and this basically compromises live production and post-production of video products. The process of distributing and recording the captured images in motion may use tools or items that are designed basically for electronic media, and examples of those are SD cards, DiVx, windows media video, quicktime, audio video interleave, moving picture experts group format, hard disk, solid stage storage, and video tape. Some of the most common finished products of video production are home videos, television commercials, television programs, internet video, video for distance education, corporate videos, event videos, and wedding videos, which is why it is also defined by the people as the art and service of creating its contents, as well as, delivering a video product. A team that does video production may come or may range in various sizes, such as , a production truck with television crews, a setup shoot in a television studio with the use of multiple cameras, a solo camera operator using a single-camera setup with a professional video camera, a family making videos by using a camcorder, and a videographer with a sound person.

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