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What Questions You Should Ask To A Family Lawyer If you are sensing that your marriage is about to get to an end, then you may feel confused and overwhelmed at the same time by the legal procedures involved and on how you will proceed. Apart from that, you may be feeling afraid that you could make a wrong decision which can cause you to forfeit some of your asset, take a big financial hit or even lose time with your children. So just before you proceed, it is vital that you hire an experienced and qualified family lawyer who will help you get through this process. For you to be sure that you’re making the right decision, here are some important questions that you must ask to your prospects. Question number 1. What’s the communication policy of the firm – the first thing that you have to know is learning the specific communication policy of the law firm. Make sure that you ask what’s the response time for daily questions and to what is the most preferred method of communication by the office; is it through email, calls, text, chats and so on. It is crucial to know the communication policy implemented by the firm as it will help you know how fast your case will proceed.
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Question number 2. How many cases does a lawyer handles at one time – asking the number of cases that the lawyer manages at the firm at the same time is a must know. You’ve got to ask what procedures they follow to manage heavy workload if their office is accepting high volume of cases. Inquiring if they have staff who will assist with the case load or if there’s someone to contact to in the event that there’s an emergency situation is a great move.
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Question number 3. What type of price guarantee is in place – you should know whether the law firm is offering price guarantees or not. There are many lawyers who bill clients on rate for the work they render while some charge clients on hourly basis. In case that the lawyer bills on an hourly basis, then make it a point that they have provided you a price outline. This is important as this will give you the idea of how much the final price is going to be. Exert some efforts in trying to understand its pricing structure so you can plan well for the foreseeable impact towards your finances. Question number 4. What was the client’s reaction regarding the family lawyer’s service – the law firm wouldn’t hesitate in giving references and to what their past clients say about their service if they’re truly are in this field for a long time.