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What Does Online Reputation Management Entail? How well are you doing online, and are your fans, customers, and stakeholders saying nice things about your business or online profile? It’s great that you chose to embrace web presence, but that made it difficult for your brand to avoid public scrutiny, the more reason you need to guarantee that no negative information concerning your company is allowed to exist or keep spiraling out of control. Courtesy of online reputation management, your brand can continue making a positive impression with the people and parties that are important to your business, and in particular, your customers and partners. Let’s examine a few essential components of online reputation management: Negative Reputation
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The well-being of your business can be severely impacted by a negative reputation. With a negative reputation, you’re going to have one or several negative results coming up when your brand is searched online, and that can’t be good for business.
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These days, it is not just criminals and bad people that can have an unenviable reputation online. With increasing social networking and sharing without attribution online, it is disturbingly convenient for brands to get damaged online. A single negative status update by a disgruntled former employee, false accusation in the form of a tweet, or a negative product review by a malicious customer or competitor–all those call for effective online reputation management. Irrelevant Reputation If there is irrelevant information about your brand online, you need to evaluate it and probably get rid of it. This kind of information may not harm or boost your business, but typically, it is not something you want hear. A case in point is outdated news that won’t lead to the desired customer action. In case a search for one of your products yields an item that you withdrew 5 years ago owing to customer backlash, you’ve got irrelevant and outdated info that your prospective customers should not be reading about presently. Thus, with online reputation management, you can have any irrelevant or outdated news about your products suppressed or expunged. A Case of Mistaken Identity In mistaken identity, someone else or multiple entities with your name show predominantly in results for online searches targeted at your brand. Online results for these entities are creating the first impression of you, which could either damage or help your brand. The best case scenario for mistaken identity is potential customers not finding out anything important about your brand since there are reading about someone other than you. At worst, you could have your brand being associated with someone with a bad reputation. Online reputation management can help preserve the integrity and image of your brand.