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What You Should Know About Body Centered Psychotherapy? The somatic psychotherapy is also known as body centered psychotherapy which encompasses a great deal of methods to psychological health that concedes the essentiality of the body in forming our everyday experiences in life as well as actively uses it during the therapy as a resource for healing and source of information. The emotions, impulses as well as feelings that arise from our bodies are an essential part of our life experiences, but then again, we have a tendency to cut them off, not recognize them or repress them because of our adaptations psychologically and physiologically to the restrictions of the environment that we are in. Working with the human body in psychotherapy sessions would open its gateway to a wide array of options for healing, experiencing as well understanding that the established talk therapy is incapable of tapping due to the control of the conscious mind over the cognition as well as verbal expressions, the role of the body in generating physical sensations that are the root of the emotions as well as the bodies role in keeping a muscular tensions that anchors as well as reinforces the charateroligcal responses of humans to the environment. The body centered psychotherapy is able to help us in dealing with our concerns by means of helping us to become deeply and fully aware of our impulses and feelings, bodily sensations as well as our thoughts, emotions and behavior. The body centered psychotherapy is able to do this mainly because of action, awareness, as well as resourcing. Awareness is fostered in body centered psychotherapy by means of tracking and scanning such things as tension, breath, feelings and sensations. Action generates impulses, constricts or produces tension and either releases or builds energy by means of expression, grounding and movement. The body centered psychotherapy essentially teaches the clients to give importance on using their bodies as a resource for pleasure, security and power.
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During the process of body psychotherapy the client is lead to develop an escalating awareness on the body sensations as well as experiences. Being a client of body centered psychotherapy, you will be able to become more aware of how you move, speak or even breath and where you experience feelings or emotions in your body. Without question, this is remarkably advantageous in a great deal of means.
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The emotions are actually cognitive interpretations of one’s feelings that develop because of the reactions of the body to a stimuli. Since emotions are produced because of body sensations, it creates a more essential cognizance of body sensations which provide us a more nuanced, profound and immediate experience as well as understanding to our emotional experiences.