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The Story Behind American State Flags

The American flag is a symbol of the unity and strength of the United States of America. The flag has thirteen horizontal stripes that alternate between red and white. It also has a blue box that has fifty stars representing the fifty American states. It is nicknamed ‘stars and stripes’ or ‘the old glory’. All the fifty US states each have a flag that comes secondary to the American flag. Each state flag tells the story of that state. All the fifty US states each have a flag that comes secondary to the American flag.

The Texas state has a flag that shares some similarities with the American flag. The Texas flag is made up of two horizontal stripes, one blue, and another white horizontal strip. In addition the flag also has a vertical blue strip that occupies one-third of the flag and has a five-point star at the center. The colors have different meanings. It is evidently clear that red color stands for bravery, blue color stands for loyalty and white stands for purity. It is a known fact that the star represents the whole Texas state united as one under God, Country and State while the star has five points which represent the qualities of a good Texas citizen. The qualities represented by the star include: loyalty, fortitude, righteousness, broad-mindedness and prudence. It is a surprising fact that the Texas state even has a pledge to honor its flag. It is surprisingly funny that the Texas flag bears a very close similarity to the Cuban flag. This is just coincidence since both flags were inspired based upon the national flag.

One of the most unique flags is the Colorado flag. It has three horizontal lines running from end to end with the upper and lower horizontal lines are blue in colour and white is at the centre. There is a red letter C printed in the centre and a gold disc in the letter C. It is a known fact that the colours in the Colorado flag are a reflection of the environmental features of Colorado. Regarding the various meanings gold represents the abundant Colorado sun, white represents the snow on the mountains, red is for the rich Colorado soil, and blue is for the clear blue skies.
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The California flag is a unique flag and breaks away from the simplicity of the other flags. The California flag has a white background with a small horizontal band of red at the bottom. In addition it has a bear standing on a green patch of land, a red five-pointed star, and the words California State written near the bottom. In regard to the meaning of the various elements in the flag then the grizzly bear stands for strength and endurance, the star represents freedom, the grass plot represents the fertility, prosperity, and vibrancy of California; the red stripe represents courage and sacrifice whereas the white background represents purity and peace.
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The truth is that each flag tells a story about that state and not just a historical one abut even one that represents the resources that the state has.