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Is It Wise To Vape Thousands Of Feet In The Air?

Vaping has been dominating the world of today. You can see people vaping in public places everywhere you go. And those who vape regularly love to have it with them at all times. You’d probably find them packing extra juice and batteries too, making sure that they can take out their e-cigarettes whenever it is convenient for them. Society has adapted to this new favorite among some people and haven’t limited its use – well that is, except for when you’re onboard a plane.

This has been a cause for celebration to people who absolutely resent smoking of any kind. But vapers have been alarmed and offended by having their favorite hobby banned during air travel. But if you are curious as to how airlines have come to this decision, then read on and find out below.

One of the biggest reasons why vaping has been disallowed in flights is due to the e-cigs’ batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are seen as fire hazards, just like smoking tobacco. If you didn’t already know, your other precious devices like your laptop, tablet, and smartphone contains lithium-ion batteries too, which is why there are some limitations to usage when traveling with them. You’ve probably heard of some of these devices causing explosions in flights, becoming breaking news all over the world, and with these in mind, we can’t just ignore the possible risks of lithium-ion batteries. But you don’t have to stress out too much as lithium-ion batteries can still be brought on the plane, just not for check-in baggage. So be sure to put those batteries in proper casing or in the mod, and remember to remove them from your bag for security checking much like you do with your phone.

The second reason is the vapor. Nine out of ten people think that when smoke comes from another person’s mouth, this is brought about by a cigarette. Due to this notion, other passengers fear to end up on the news with vaping being the cause of their flight’s explosion.

Now, we know you might be thinking about vaping in the lavatory instead, and the short answer is no. While you may not be disturbing anyone or causing anxiety to arise among fellow passengers, you’ll definitely be alarming the advanced smoke detectors that they’ve installed. At 30,000 feet in the air, people would surely notice you with your vape cloud causing the alarm that begins to sound through the plane.

You probably are about to throw a tantrum right now, but remember that there is hope – you can vape right away when you land. As you seek to obey the rules, you’ll end up without the frustration of your vaping equipment confiscated, and even set an excellent example for others in the vaping community. Don’t worry, airlines see that vapers are just as important as all other passengers and are looking towards more ways to accommodate them.

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