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Steps to Hiring a Good Remodeling Contractor There will come a time, at least once in your lifetime that you eventually decide that your home needs remodeling, maybe because you just want to improve it or perhaps you’re planning to sell it. And when you get to that point, the decision must come with the realization that the only way for the project to succeed is if you hire a remodeling contractor. While it is true that you have what it takes to do some minor home improvement projects, something like a remodeling job or home addition is clearly beyond your league. So our premise here is this: if you’re doing remodeling, there’s no other road to take than that one of hiring a contractor. Now if you agree with that premise, it’s time that you get some tips on how to find a good contractor. 1 – Get recommendations from the people you trust the most.
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You can get recommendations from all sorts of close acquaintances since they might have worked with a good contractor previously. Once you get a name or two, go to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry to see if those names are members of the association. The reason why you need to verify membership is because it will tell you if the contractor is indeed legitimate and licensed. If you happen to know a building inspector, you might as well ask about the contractor’s history of meeting local building code requirements and regulations. Remember that you never would want to work with someone who is fond of breaking rules and regulations.
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2 – Do not skip the phone interview. Although you just might get the same information once you make the actual interview, a phone interview is still necessary because it gives you the opportunity to narrow down your list to just a couple of prospects. A phone interview is typically a quick phone call you make in order to get answers for the simplest questions and inquiries such as how many projects they’re currently working on and if they are willing and able enough to add another project. 3 – Put in some serious time comparing the bids. At this point, you have the right to make the decision based on the bid they submitted, but make sure there’s a comprehensive breakdown of the costs. Now let’s just say you’ve been impressed by one of the contractors, but unfortunately, you can’t agree with the offer they sent you as well as the breakdown of the costs. However, you likewise have to realize that the price shouldn’t be the only thing you put a lot of weight on. In the end, you just have to understand that because a home remodeling project is a serious and expensive investment, you will eventually have to trust your instincts in picking the remodeling contractor to hire.