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How Heating Maintenance Is Performed Heat pumps are warming the house during winter and cooling it during summer making it as the most effective heating systems. This is among the reasons why many people are installing such at their home and workplace. Aside from being effective in its work, operating it is quite simple. Despite the fact that its main power source is electricity, they are still energy efficient to use. The homeowner can easily reverse the role of their heat pump for cooling to warming by simply flipping of a switch. Also, this can be installed in all types of buildings and with that, it’s regarded as the most sought after heating system there is. On the other hand, for heat pump systems that are being used for extended period, there must be regular maintenance. You must either consider hiring a professional or do the maintenance yourself as a result. As long as you have basic knowledge of maintenance, this system is not going to be complex and be done easily. To help you keep the system fit all the time, here are a few basic tips for heating maintenance. The outdoor and indoor units are the two main units of heating systems. You can also separately maintain these units. You can do maintenance on each by reading the next paragraphs.
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Outdoor unit – prior to doing this heating service, make it a point that all mains are turned off and that the main wire is unplugged. This is for your safety while doing the task. First, you must remove any blockage in forms of paper, leaves or weeds from in and around the outdoor unit. By using brush or fin combos, remove its casing and clean its fins. Then after, check the coil if there are grime and dirt that accumulated on it and if there are, use a brush to clean it. If that does not help, make use of a cleaning agent to clean it and let it dry.
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When you are done, check the heat exchange fan for looseness in fan axle or blades and fix it. You should lubricate the motor or fan axle to minimize the noise. If the fan blades are bent, they must be replaced as these are hard to correct and is affecting the heat pump’s operation. Indoor unit – it is essential to do regular heating troubleshooting to be able to detect any defects in your system. Small issues shouldn’t be neglected as there can be also the source for more serious problems later on.