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Ways in Which Women Can Keep Fit and Healthy Even When They Reach Their 40s
Most people felt so traumatized when they realized that they had hit 40 in the past than they do today. Even though the life expectancy in the US dropped for a third straight year in 2018, it is still at 78.6 years which means that anyone turning 40 today still has another 40 years of life to look forward to as well. Women, on the other hand, are living much longer than they used to about 50 years ago considering that an average woman lived to be about 70 years in 1969 but the number has significantly risen all the way to 81 years in 2019 which is a whole full five years higher than the men’s life expectancy. Women in their 40s, however, need to take right some of the crucial steps to ensure that they take critical care of themselves especially since their bodies are usually going through some significant changes which require them to take a new approach to maintain their well-being. Discussed below are some of the things that any woman in their 40s must practice and have in mind all the time to ensure that they keeping their greatness despite all the changes that they may be going through.

The reason why it is essential for any woman in their 40s to start building their muscle mass is because they begin losing the same in their 50s and if one did not collect enough in advance, it may not go down well with them in the end. It is thus important for every woman in their 40s to exercise adequately and effectively as it helps to build up their muscle mass as they prepare for their 50th birthday. For those thinking that they should create a bodybuilding routine every time they are at the gym, they are very wrong as all one needs to build their muscles is have an effective routine for a combo of cardio and strength training and they are good to go.

It is also crucial to protect one’s bines adequately considering that one also starts losing their bone density when they reach their 50s as well. Most women that have gone through their menopause are very susceptible to bone density loss while the average women will not hit menopause until she turns 51 even though there are some that go through it much sooner as well. Either way, women in their 40s must make leafy greens and other bone-building foods part of their diet in addition to staying active to maintain their strength as time passes by. A woman in their 40s must also be keen on what they consume, love their bodies how they are, make sleeping a much bigger part of their life, take good care of their skin and also eliminate stress in their life by for instance going on vacation in addition to undergoing a wide range of medical tests among many others.