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Why Silestones?

One of the cornerstones of appearance of the kitchen is the countertop, which is why this is a big deal among homeowners. With this in mind, they bring powerful impact both on the style and value of your home. While deciding on which countertop to install on your kitchen, it is necessary that you take the time to do research to come up with the right decision. As a matter of fact, one option being considered by homeowners is silestone compare to other materials.

Yes it is true that silestones aren’t as streamlined as marbles and granite but it never falls short of benefits. Actually, these materials are manmade and designed for countertops. It’s manufactured by binding smaller pieces of quartz in hard resin. Due to the reason that it is manmade, there are numerous methods that a manufacturer can control and tweak its appearance. Because of that, it’s hard to compare silestones among other options since it can be offered in different patterns, arrangements and colors. It is likely that you could find one that fits your kitchen perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if you are using your bare countertop for preparing food or not, no one would want to have a countertop that harbors bacteria. Bacteria is able to get in and multiple among most countertops due to the reason that most of it are porous. Silestones on the other hand are different because the material itself is fighting off bacteria using its antibacterial properties, which is something you cannot compare to granite and marble. It is very important that you protect the health of your family especially if you are preparing foods on bare countertop.

Compared to other countertops, silestones are not that porous. Its solid surface isn’t just capable of keeping bacteria away, but stains as well. For owners, this is a huge benefit because silestones have lower maintenance if you compare to marble or granite. Homeowners who have granite as countertops have to seal the countertop yearly to be able to keep bacteria and stains out. Not just that this takes time and some work, it adds expenses too. When you have silestones, you will be able to get rid of this job.

Time and again, many property owners are actually disappointed. So what they do is select samples of natural stone but the moment it arrives, it is looking differently from what they saw. With regards to natural stones, it is common for it to have natural variation. The only way that you can know how your stone countertop would look like is by picking out the exact slab from stone yard. If you compare it to silestones, what you see is what you get.