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CBD Oil – Addictive or Not

Addiction to CBD is only one of the numerous myths about this product that has come out because of its popularity. Here, we are going to separate myths from reality on various CBD-related topics.

CBD Addiction: Real or Not?

It really depends on which CBD oil variety you are using. If you are using CBD oil sans THC, otherwise tetrahydrocannabinol, then that oil is absolutely non-addictive. This is due to the fact that no psychoactive effects is associated with taking non-THC CBD oil.

Taking CBD Oil Makes You Incapable of Driving

It you are taking oil without THC, then you can still drive and take a great amount of CBD as you wish at the same time. If it’s the CBD oil that contains THC, you need to be a little extra cautious.

CBD Oil can Cure-All

Although some studies say there are medical benefits in the consumption of CBD oil, there is no proof it can cure every type of ailments. If you are suffering from any type of illness and want to use CBD oil, ask a doctor if it is okay.

CBD Oil Can Make You Sleepy

Marijuana can actually make some individuals sleepy especially if it has THC since it can act as sedative. CBD oil, however, without THC lacks sedative properties and thus is not going to cause tiredness. It can help a person relax as well as remain, if not stay calm, but you will not fall asleep because of it.

Using CBD is Fun and Nothing More

A lot of people find that the THC content in CBD help relieve their anxiety or chronic pain symptoms, and so they use this type of CBD oil. Even though some people really use the oil for fun, it isn’t the sole purpose.

CBD oil and Medical Marijuana are the same

In countries where marijuana that is used to treat certain illness and chronic pain, and is regulated by the government, has to meet certain standards referred to as “medical grade”.

The CBD oil that you buy from your local drugstore or online probably did not meet the standards for medical marijuana. There are a lot of people, however, who continue to use CBD oil even if it is not the medical grade variety because they find it helpful.

CBD is Inferior to THC

Several people are of the opinion that because THC is stronger than CBD, it is therefore more superior. While several people may require smaller THC dosage to alleviate their symptoms, this is not to be interpreted that either is superior. The truth is, that is absolutely subjective.

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