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Why You Should Conduct Video Marketing for Your Business Video marketing is the next frontier in online marketing.It incredibly true to highlight that video marketing is the next frontier in online marketing. It is quite agreeable to state that video search engine websites are becoming rivals to traditional search engines. It has been shown that statistics have it that YouTube, which is a video search engine, is now the second largest search engine. It is great to highlight that videos have become an integral part of content marketing. For most businesses video marketing is always an afterthought but big brands in the various fields such as technology, telecommunications, and even construction know that video marketing is not an option but a necessity to gain competitive advantage. It is important to highlight that one of the advantages of video marketing is that it improves the SEO of a website. It has been proven by a reputable online marketing firm that adding a video to a website increases the chances of ranking in Google search results by as much as 53 times provided the website does it right. Another advantage of doing video marketing is that it leads to a stronger customer attention. It is incredible to highlight that videos have proven that they demand more consumer attention as opposed any other medium. It is a proven fact that the main aim of marketing is capturing the attention of the client and nothing does this well than a movie. It is undoubtedly true to note that with so many competitors trying to catch the attention of a limited customer base then the winner is the one that managers to engage them at a level that picks their attention and interest, and nothing does this better than having a video.
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It has been proven that visual content enhances customer engagement by as much as ten times compared to other content. Videos are also great ways to get client feedback on the marketing efforts as opposed to just written content and customers can share, embed and comment on the video.
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It is incredible to highlight that video marketing has also become easier with the advent of more video favored technology due to the increase in consumption of videos. It is fascinating to note that this has so much impact such that almost every large company in the technology realm has its video technology or has a page on a famous video website. Another amazing fact is that videos also offer greater optimization opportunities and provide feedback. It is an interesting fact that when using text-based content such as a blog it is hard to know which parts readers read, reread or did not read at all. Visual content such as video, on the other hand, has a feedback loop that enables the business owner to access aspects such as drop-off points, click-through rate, or number of times watched. This enables the business owner to know what is working and what is not working and be able to make the necessary adjustments. It is worth acknowledging that video marketing had become an integral part of marketing and as such, businesses should take it up and maximize on it.