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How to Schedule Time to Write a Blog

The truth is that being a freelance blog writer is a great gig to fill in the time between jobs or when one has a lot of spare time on their hands, but a challenge comes when one’s schedule changes and getting free time becomes a past thing. Every blogger needs time to improve their time management skills and rather than abandoning blogging when the person gets busy or during an emergency the person can use the tips below to create more time for blogging on a hectic schedule.

It is good to state that the person needs to set clear time for blogging and marketing the blog. The person needs to remember that part of setting up a blog post includes search engine optimization, creating intriguing websites and customizing images. The individual son may need to about half an hour to promote the post to the intended audience or blogger forums.

Many bloggers believe that the only way to stay visible is to run content daily, but this depends on the market and the information that they are posting. If the person runs a deal blog, then the posts have to be timely thus the person needs to find time to promote the blog daily, but the person can make this process easier by creating posts that are both search engine friendly and concise. This practice will help the blogger become a better writer. Other blogging niches need less frequent posting thus the best thing would be to ascertain when the target audience is viewing the content in the niche and use that information to create a writing schedule.

The blogger needs to use a digital calendar software or any other calendar to the full capability. The blogger needs to schedule time blocks to blog throughout the day and not to use the calendar just as a reminder but use all the features to keep track of when they are most productive. The individual may have to create a chart for themselves to know the best times and adequate time to produce high-quality content.

The blogger needs to use the various productivity tools, and most of them are free. The blogger can select free applications that are suitable for photo editing, note, file and idea tracking applications; screenshot applications, distraction elimination applications and website blocking applications that block time-wasting applications as the person writes.

A known fact is that a blogger needs content thus they are more useful to followers if they use social media to get unique content other than just blog posts. That means that keeping track of websites in the blogging niche by using forums and RSS feeds.

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