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Flourish on Your Outdoor Advertising with These Professional Design Tips

The outdoor advertising is a type of visual storytelling. Once the outdoor advertising is successfully done, the DOOH or digital out of home and OOH or out of home advertisements can change the visual landscapes of the city. An efficient outdoor advertising will grab the attention of the viewers and will create a lasting impression that will definitely make them stay longer after they have walked or drive by the ad.

1. Keep it minimalistic. Take into consideration that less is so much more. The DOOH as well as OOH ads must be concise and direct. In an ideal world, the design should concentrate on a certain compelling idea and must be composed of three main elements such as carefully picked photo or graphics, unique and concise line of copy that will highlight your company, service or products offered as well as your company name, contact information and logo. here is a simple tip, be sure not to forget the rule of 7. Maintain a copy length of 7 words or lesser and be certain that your outdoor advertisement must be read well and understood in just 7 seconds.

2. Show it, don’t just tell it. The viewers will be able to point out which services or products are being marketed in the ad. Be sure to make use of compelling and reminiscent images (photos or graphics) in order to encourage the viewers to recall. If the graphic concept of your outdoor advertisement is based on text, then be certain that you play with the font style, color and size so as to generate a long lasting and encouraging impression on the viewer. Here is a quick tip, the viewer recall is important in gauging the success of DOOH and OOH outdoor advertisement.

3. Utilize contrasting colors. Saturated and bright colors are a lot better for the outdoor advertisement designs in contrast to the light colors. Make sure to benefit from high contrast hues that will improve the readability of your whole design at any vast distance. Take into account that hues and certain combination of colors can instigate certain ideas or emotions, thus, select your color palette carefully in order to fully support your promoted services or products.

4. Bigger is a lot better. Huge and bold texts will make it simpler and easier for the viewers to read and understand the message that you are trying to convey from a distance. The larger texts don’t only improve the readability of the message, but this also adds dynamism to your message.