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What Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Tax Preparer Tax planning and preparation is one monotonous and very wearisome job that you need to do whether you like it or not. Fortunately for you, there are now so many services you can avail, more specifically on doing the planning and preparation in your behalf. Anyway, hiring a tax preparer isn’t that simple as you think it is and you have to learn the most common mistakes people have made in the past, the idea of which is for you to avoid them completely. Therefore, if you want an error and issue-free tax preparation and filing, be sure you remember these mistakes: 1 – Never work with an individual or company who isn’t even registered with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. You must have realized by now that you never can hire someone who cannot show any Preparer Tax Identification Number. It should be noted that in the preparation of returns intended for compensation, the IRS emphasizes that it will not permit individuals who are not registered or do not have a PTIN to process it. So if you plan on hiring one who isn’t registered, you’re literally wasting your time.
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2 – Avoid dealing with a tax preparer who downright guarantees you that there will be a huge refund. The thing is filing your tax is that the determination of the refund is primarily based on facts as well as circumstances, not the tax preparation service’s wit or connection.
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3 – It also isn’t right to hire a tax preparer who intends to charge even a small percentage of your refund, provided there is one. If you agree to this kind of scheme, what usually happens is that they will purposely inflate the refund so that the fee will increase, too. Traditionally, you only will have to pay the tax preparer a one-time fee based on the number of forms they handled and the amount of time it took for them to organize and prepare everything. 4 – Likewise, you do need to forget about hiring someone who declines outright to sign your finished returns. This is one good way to gauge or measure the honesty and reliability of the tax preparation services you intend to hire. Keep in mind that all tax preparers, and we mean zero exceptions, are required to sign all the tax returns they are responsible for preparing, and this is an absolute rule by the IRS. For you to successful in your search for a tax planning and preparation company, you need to arm yourself with the information provided above so that you won’t end up making any of those mistakes mentioned.