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6 Instances When an Electrician is Needed Today, you will come across all sorts of electrical DIY guides and tips. With their presence, many homeowners have found them useful when carrying out minor electrical installations, repairs, and fixes. It is only when they extend the use of DIY guides to complex or large electrical projects that there arises a reason for concern. While a few get away without experiencing difficulties, a majority of them get seriously injured or worse, and end up with losses due to fires. Discussed next are 6 instances when it is compulsory to hire an electrician for the safety of everyone. If your lights flicker at any given time, there could be several reasons behind it. Overloaded circuits, defective light bulbs or loose bulb holder connections are some of the few causes. Now, unless you are an electrician, the only thing you should attempt is changing the light bulb since any work beyond that will just put you at risk. Electrical wires should be replaced over time. Many times, such activity is made necessary by the need to get wires of an appropriate gauge due to the increase in the number of electronic devices in a home. The problem with DIY wiring is that not many people give thought to overloads, and that is why they are the chief causes of domestic fires. These homeowners have to bear the full costs of such consequences because insurance compensation is never offered for fires that result from DIY wiring work.
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When you try to turn a switch on or off and feel the presence of an electrical shock, there should be no hesitation when calling a residential electrician. The touching of two or more wires is usually the cause of such wiring problems.
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A circuit breaker is a component that no one but a qualified residential electrician should touch. Chances of short circuits and overheating are much higher during such DIY exercises. Again, circuit breakers carry large amounts of current, meaning that there are some serious risks involved when you tamper with such devices. If your mains emit smells, warmth, or sparks; there are serious problems in your electrical system. Among the issues that could be causing such outcomes include short circuits, faulty switches, and loose wires. When a building is constructed or extended, electrical connections are necessary. That task is one of the most dangerous for a DIYer because the power source at the pole carries very large amounts of current. Also, it is illegal to draw electricity from the pole without help from professionals. Even power companies send small teams of experts for such projects, meaning that you should never attempt them. While it is advisable to save cash or time, there are limits not to cross. A professional will always give you an electrical repair estimate, which you will evaluate and realize that some DIY projects are just not worth it.