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Four Advantages to Using Rickshaws to Advertise Your Business Pedicabs are bike taxis used for navigating around town. People love them not only because they’re enjoyable to be in, but also for the fact that they’re a “green” mode of transport. And as their popularity continues to rise, lots of brand have seen their great potential and are using them for marketing purposes. Rickshaws as a superb outdoor advertising medium for a number of reasons, Let’s take at look at why they can be of great benefit in marketing campaign: Low-cost advertising Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to advertise on a rickshaw than on traditional media–magazines, radio and TV. The value you get may pay many times over, considering the number of people your advertising will be exposed to. Many local businesses are using rickshaws to market their products or services at an affordable rate and are reaping the rewards. This form of marketing is however not limited to the smaller businesses; big brands like HBO also use them to raise brand awareness among locals. Online brands can also use rickshaws as their offline advertising vehicle to supplement their online marketing efforts.
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Being a form of mobile advertising, pedicabs will in a given hour expose your brand to as many people as can be reached. As the driver slowly moves from place to place, many people will get to see the branding/advertising on the back and have enough time to read the message clearly. Because the pedicab will be passing close to pedestrians, you can bet the visibility will be quite high. And the more miles the driver can cover in a day, the greater the visibility for your brand.In a town like San Diego where a lot of people troop into town for various conventions all year round, pedicab advertising can be a great sponsorship opportunity for your business. Great for distributing samples What better way to have your marketing materials and product samples distributed than using rickshaws? These three-wheeled bikes will very well double up as a distribution medium if you have samples to give away to potential customers. If you just need to have brochures or pamphlets passed around, you can rest assured they’ll be handed to a great number of people, as the rickshaw can cloak great distances within a day. Pedicabs are eco-friendly It’s hard not to like rickshaws, when you consider that they’re very much an eco-friendly or “green mode of transport. So you’ll be promoting a clean and sustainable transportation mode whenever you advertise with a pedicab company. When the people who like to use pedicabs to get around town see the branding, they’re likely to form a positive association with your company.