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What to Consider When Choosing a Dentist When picking a new dentist, there are some issues to be considered. A chief concern is whether you are searching for a general dentist for continuous care and maintenance or a specialist who can give you a specific treatment. Aside from this, here are several other factors you should look into: Training Find out how much training and clinical experience your prospective dentist has, especially regarding specialty procedures. Dentists, for instance, do not always have training in all cosmetic or restorative procedures, and are likely to refer certain cases to other dentists.
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If you want a particular treatment or product brand, be sure to inquire as to whether the dentist is trained for it. You may, for instance, see an Invisalign sticker or poster in a certain clinic, that is no assurance that the dentist is Invisalign-certified. Emergency Care Another important consideration to make when choosing a dentist is whether or not they provide emergency services, as when you experience oral trauma or have some damages on your restorations. Remember that some dentists will be happy to see you in the evening or even during the weekend, but others will not be as accommodating. Before & After Photo Gallery Dentists usually have a gallery of photos of previous cases they’ve worked on with different patients. Definitely, this will be a big help, especially if you want a cosmetic treatment. Dental Technology Some dentists do not invest time and money into buying new equipment, like CAD/CAM machines, lasers, etc. These technologies do not always improve treatment outcome, but they can positively affect other aspects of patient experience, such as reducing the time needed to finish a procedure. Referrals General dentists usually refer difficult cosmetic or restorative cases to other dentists if they know they are not adequately equipped to provide particular treatments. If you don’t easily become comfortable with a new dentist, ask questions early in the referral process. Patient Relaxation Treats If you are usually anxious when seeking dental treatment, find a dentist who can give you patient comforts. Examples are nitrous oxide, pre-medication, headphones, massage, aromatherapy and so on. On your initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask what patient comforts they provide. If none, then it could actually be a problem. For those who have it, dental anxiety is always an issue. Cost The cost of dental care can be different from one case or dentist to another. For instance, for the same treatment, a dentist in a city may charge 25 percent more than a dentist in a town. A dental practice would obviously be pricier to operate in a huge metro, and those costs will be partly covered by the patients. Before choosing anyone, get two or three estimates from different clinics and make comparisons.