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Advantages Of Aerating The Lawn. You will find that the lawn will need to get some air in so many cases. This is because of the constant activity that takes place when people step on the grass during playtime or even when mowing it. During all the activities that occur on the lawn, you will find that soil keeps getting compact each time. You will find that few problems will be seen in the case that the lawn does not have much activities going on there. In order to keep the lawn healthy, the homeowners should insist on regular aeration maybe once or two times a year. The right way to care for the lawn is through this manner and that will be necessary to prevent the effects of the thawing as well as help in keeping away the harmful effects of the snow. The soil in the lawn is very important when it comes to keeping the grass supple. When the soil is compact, this will prevent the water and the nutrients from penetrating through. You will find that it will be very important to aerate the soil to have it healthy enough especially after the snowing period. Aeration helps break down all the matter on top of the soil that can cause the water to be blocked which prevents nutrients from entering to the roots and thus the lawn will tend to dry out. With the lawn aeration, you will find that it will be good to use a machine that can easily expand which allows the soil space required for a quick growth. You will find that the ideal machine to be used will mainly depend on the kind of soil to be found on the lawn. The best way to know the best is by having the professional lawn service companies doing it since they will know how to test the soil in question. The best kind of aeration is not to push the compact soil down but to remove the plug to expose more loose soil in question. In the case that the soil is pushed down, you will find that it will take some time to have it back to being compact.
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You will find that it is best if you aerate the lawn just before the rains pour. This will give the soil a chance to sip in all the required moisture and nutrients from the rains for a good growth of the grass. There are different types of grasses which grow totally different following the seasons and that is why the services of a professional lawn company are needed in this case.
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Due to the difference seen in the soil types, you will find that some of the soils here are able to work best with frequent aeration like the clay soil.