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How to Repair Scratches on Your Car.

There are some things as a car owner you cannot prevent, such as wear and tear. If your car does not get a scratch when its on the road, it will get it when parked. To repair the damage, you will use around 0. Knowing how to do these repairs will ensure you are not exploited by been overcharged. The tips below are of great help, if you want to know how to repair car scratches.

The thing with car scratches you cannot hide them, even if they are small.

When it comes to repairing your car paint job, first you need to examine the extend of the damage. If the cut is deep, you will need an advanced repair technique. Use your fingernail to determine how deep the scratch has gone.

Your fingernail should easily slide into the scratch, if the outer clear coat has been removed. Your nail will be snagged, if several layers have been removed by the scratch.

It is recommended that the scratch should be cleaned before any repairs. The damage can be worse, if the scratched area is not washed. If you are looking for something to use for cleaning, use a power hose. After that clean the area using soap and sponge. Don’t use just any towel for drying, ensure it is a microfiber.

The next step will require you to use toothpaste, that is if your fingernail did not get caught in the damage, since the damage is minor. Toothpaste is ideal for buffering the imperfections away. Take a damp microfiber towel and pour some toothpaste on it, after put the towel on the scratch, and using circular motions buff out the damage. You can put a bit of pressure, but don’t overdo it. It is important you repeat this procedure twice, if there are no changes, look for another repair method.

A scratch repair kit will be required, if the repairs are deep. The price for a scratch repair kit is around $15- $25, which is still cheaper that hiring a detailer to do the repairs. For major scratches, look for a polishing compound. When you put the scratch remover on a towel, spread it on the scratch until it disappears.

The repair kits will not get rid of the scratches completely, they will only make them subtle. The lasting solution for this would be to get a new car. You can find out more about popular cars for sale here.

If the car has several scratches or the scratches are very deep, the best option is painting your car. There are steps involved in painting your car, first you start with sanding the paint, applying the primer and finish with spraying paint on the scratched area.