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Things To Put In Place When It Comes To Constructing A Dog Kennel It is very important to keep in mind that building the right kind a kennel reflects on your dog’s happiness. In many cases people place kennels outdoors and in that case then it gets exposed to a number of weather conditions. There are a given tips on how well to accommodate the dog well in its kennel. Consider the size that you want to build the kennel. In many cases the kennels are placed outside and therefore it is important to find an area with a good dimension of expansion. If you find a larger kennel, this will help your dog when it comes to moving around and stretching. When it comes to the comfort that the dog offers then you find that it has the larger the size the better it is for the dog. The size of the dog will be measured in relation to the height so as to give the right measurements for the kennel. Consider keeping the kennel in a place that has no direct exposure to sun and the wind. This is because the two can really bother the dog and prevent its comfort. In the rainy season, avoid flooding by keeping the area flat. There are the people who will want to have the dog in the nearby but not in the house and therefore building the door of the house close will be important so that the dog can have an easy access to the inside of the house. Ensure that the area you build the kennel is very clean and free of any form of debris which can really affect the dog and its comfort.
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In order to keep it stable then have the kennel built with holes holding it filled with concrete. This will keep it firm and able to withstand any form of wind or storm. In the kennel door installation, ensure it is done in the outer direction unlike the inner way. In such a case the dog will be able to move inside with a huge space.
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In flooring, it is important to use gravel which gives the dog a good footing. To have a cleaner floor, then use the large gravel to allow the moisture drain off easily and very quickly. The kennel should have good temperatures both day and night. When it gets really cold especially during the rains, have the kennel floor lifted slightly above the other ground level door. In such a case have a blanket or a thick carpet added on the floor to lift it up. Let the roof be slanted in order to prevent the dirt and debris from collecting on the roof.